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Many suggestions have been made to make quilts for the Chief, Stephanie, and Christian as well. I would be happy to sew more quilts with any extra fabric I receive. If you would like to contribute to their quilts I am also going to start a collection for each of them. Thank you for supporting the Nielsons through threads of love!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


...when Nie started posting again I would read and ache all over for her....yet, watching her grow and evolve as she gains a new perspective on her new life she is just as she was before, inspiring...I thought of her as I danced in the kitchen with my hubby tonight to colbie caillet and Jason Mraz's song "Lucky." She isn't only lucky to be alive but to be living her life.

Anyway, what I am really here for is to give you an update on the quilts. I haven't heard from Allison in a while but she works summer tourism in Alaska so I am sure she has been *busy*! Last she e-mailed she asked if she could bind the quilts in addition to quilting them...bless her heart! I think she will be visiting Utah this fall and we will probably make a personal delivery if possible. She only has the quilts for Nie's children. Lucy's, the Chief's, and the Nielson's quilts are still in progress.

Sorry I am slow to update. I still have no internet access and no computer now either. Working on both....hopefully we'll find a home for our family soon too...for now I feel lucky we both have jobs and it's a bonus we like them! Hope you've all had a great summer....here's to the beauty of fall.


Lynne said...

I was just wondering about these... thanks for letting us know. It's been a crazy busy summer for everyone that I know!

thedoodlegirl said...

Wow, how wonderful!