For more info about the threads of love project and details about how you can contribute link to my first post http://quilt4nie.blogspot.com/2008/09/welcome-welcome-what-please-donate-4.html

Many suggestions have been made to make quilts for the Chief, Stephanie, and Christian as well. I would be happy to sew more quilts with any extra fabric I receive. If you would like to contribute to their quilts I am also going to start a collection for each of them. Thank you for supporting the Nielsons through threads of love!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wow does time fly?!

I thought I would update you on what has been happening with the quilts. I was sewing like a mad woman to get them sent to Allyson in Alaska before I trekked to Utah for a day of feast and thanks. She was planning a vacation to Utah early next year and the plan was for us to meet and she would bring what she had quilted with her. Well, long story short, a friend's maternity plans changed and in order to have adequate time to mug on her friend's baby, she needed to go in December. Thus, she is now enjoying snowful baby bliss and nothing has been done on the quilts because I have been engulfed in holiday madness and preparing to move our growing family with our growing piles of junk 700 miles two days after Christmas!

Whew. Just saying it is exhausting.

Anyway, I didn't want you to waste minutes of your precious holiday time checking this blog when nothing has been happening. I am leaving the quilts to pack last so I can work on them again soon! Sorry for the delay.

A random side note, my husband's new boss works with Stephanie's dad Mr. Clark. Small world.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


As Stephanie relishes in the cool crisp feeling of Utah fall air, the renewal of her energy excites us all! She is near her children, her parents, her siblings, her Mr. Nielson, her mountains all at the same time! Oh the patience required for endurance and how gracefully she has endured. I know we all need patience as we watch and wait for the progress of her recovery to continue but today isn't about patience but joy! She is home!

Thank you for your patience as I have failed to keep you updated on the progress of this project. I have been so excited about the quilts it has been hard for me to find time and energy to blog. I hope you like the quilts as much as I do...remember I am very much an amateur but I think the mismatched lines add character (at least that is what I am telling myself).

First, remember the cloud print from Laura Strickland found here http://quilt4nie.blogspot.com/2008/10/jumping-for-joy.html, so many of the fabrics came packaged with ties and ribbons I didn't realize the clouds were a bag, here is the contents:
Sorry Laura and Thank You!

...The organization...I started by including a square from each of you for each quilt, then I focused on each quilt individually laying the squares out very randomly...

...Claire's quilt prepared to sew...

...Claire's top done except the border...

...Claire's yellow border and flowered backing...

...Jane's top ready to sew...my sewing machine gets lots of interest and attention, after I had sewn all the squares into rows at 2:00 am, I realized a helpful hand had moved the needle, I've had to sew a second seam with an appropriate seam allowance so it has taken much longer but looks beautiful still...

...Jane's pink border and butterfly backing...

...Oliver's top prepared to sew...

...a special square in honor of Ollie's Halloween with his dad, my girl's have trick or treat bags out of the same print...

...Oliver's border and striped backing...

...Gigs quilt ready to sew...

...Gigs border (I think it looks like turtle shells) and striped backing...

...what do you think?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


...adorable, eclectic, inspiring, cute, colorful...i can't think of the right word. I wanted to post a picture of the incredible, colorful fan wall Nie made at Christian's parents house (the quilts remind me of it) but I don't know the exact month she posted it. My hubby had a rough evening and is waiting for me to snuggle him to sleep so words are all I can give. I have finished cutting squares for now and tonight I laid out 8 containers on my table (yes, I added a quilt for Lucy and her baby, I hope you don't mind Allyson). I went through your packages one at a time and chose at least one square from each of you to put in the quilts. I was a little nervous about how it would all turn out and I must say, they are...simply...magnificent! Thank you for sending your love! I am having so much fun experiencing the progression of this project. I have to go back through and select several more squares to complete each quilt, I wanted to make sure to include something from each of you to begin. I promise to share pictures of the first quilt laid out and ready to sew soon. I am certain the Nielsons are going to love our gift to them!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Squares

I've been waiting to post the last pictures of the squares hoping I would have them all. If you have sent squares and they haven't appeared on the blog please let me know they are on the way. Also, I probably won't be posting for a couple of weeks. I have many squares to cut and will be sorting them into quilts. When I get to the point of laying out the quilts I will post pictures again. I am so excited to see how they turn out. Here are the final squares:

Thank you Kristin Griffeth from Bedford Texas and her mom Barbara Malmberg from N. Richland Hills Texas!

Thank you Vanessa Ponce from Austin Texas!

Thank you to my talented friend Jill Skousen from New York, New York! (A Utah girl at heart on an amazing journey...)

Thank you Megumi Larson from Roaring Branch Pennsylvania! Megumi brought these fabrics from Japan when she married her husband.
Thank you again to Carolyn Kunz from Milford New Hampshire for sending another package to include this adorable print!

Happy Halloween...the costumes were a hit, the pumpkins carved, the party is over, now on to these quilts!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Concert

Here are the pictures I promised, sorry to be slow, it has been a week of ear infections, strep throat, fevers, and a wonderful halloween. I know you've all seen the adorable and hilarious videos on cjane but I thought I would share these anyway...

The opening performer was from "The Gibbons." He was also the guitarist for the night. He is obviously very talented.

Dear Chup, Although I know you'll never read this I have to write it. My husband served an LDS mission in Argentina and knew much more about the origin of your nickname than the lady who answered your question. I really wanted the free tshirt you were giving away but I thought he would kill me if I raised my hand. What do you know? After she sits down, "I could've done better than that." Great. No tshirt for me. La Chup poop.
The beautiful and talented Mindy Gledhill.
This girl was extremely talented, she played several instruments, sang back up, and performed the Somewhere Over the Rainbow song (what is the title?) like I've never heard before including Martina McBride live. She has toured with Donny Osmond and her family has their own show in Branson MO.

This guy was the pianist and played guitar too, by day he is a teacher. He also performed the funniest song I've heard in my life.
The beautiful Nielson girls with Mindy...
...they looked so small and cute...
...their mom will be so proud when she sees this...
...I know many people cried through this but I was so proud of them and they were so adorable I couldn't quit smiling (with just a few tears). They are so sweet, charming, and brave!
Cjane building up to her oncore performance...
...infront of a 1,000 people...
...I really couldn't believe it...
...but so glad she did, we laughed so hard.

Here we are on our way home. Bryce HATES doing this and I must say, we are terrible at it, how does Nie do it so gracefully? She must be much more beautiful than we can even imagine because we always look so ridiculous. At least we are happy right?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


The concert was AWESOME! Seriously, it was so casual you felt like you were on a cozy couch in a basement hanging out with your cool cousins groovy band and a 1,000 other strangers. All of the musicians were extremely talented and the music was uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful.

Claire and Jane were so adorable. My favorite was after one messed up they grabbed each other's hands and held on the rest of the song. The whole time waiting for their turn to perform I kept thinking about all the excitement dancing through their minds. What a big day it has been for them, flying on an airplane after what happened to their parents, seeing their dad with his new scars and after so long, not being able to visit their mom yet (I don't think anyway), the big concert with all their fans, so much for such little girls. They sang beautiful and were edibly cute!

The tribute video for Doug Kinneard was heart wrenching, his family is beautiful. I had so much hope during the tribute for Christian and Stephanie, they have so much life yet to live. AND the night ended with an oncore performance with Cjane singing Smile! She did note that nobody hates her singing more than Stephanie! My hubby even enjoyed the concert and our babysitter told us our kids were the best she has ever watched. What a wonderful night! Blurry pictures coming soon, for now I have to prepare a Relief Society lesson for church tomorrow...

Update on Threads of Love: I am trying to organize a sewing day, I'll keep you informed. I have also received a few more packages that I have not posted yet. Many have also offered to send more squares, I'm sorry I have not been able to reply to everyone individually. For now it appears that we will have plenty of squares for the projects we have planned. Thank you all for your love, prayers, faith, and generosity. I feel so blessed to be a part of this.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yippeee Skipppee!

When Cjane first posted about the Mindy Gledhill concert I went to her site to buy tickets but didn't. I've been talking about it ever since. Last night my Mr. Nielson, better known as Bryce, called to tell me he had a sitter arranged and "Go buy those tickets!"

I didn't waste anytime and now I am driving him crazy counting down the hours...in 48 I'll be driving across Phoenix jittery in my seat with excitement! No mascara on the bottom lashes and tissues in my pocket, ready for the beautiful emotions of the night! Hope to see you there...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sometimes a good hard cry leaves you feeling refreshed, tonight I had a refreshing cry. As I finished opening the packages for threads of love, I cried at the thoughts and sentiments from each of you. Some of you sent personal sentiments, some sent love and prayers, some sent piles of beautiful fabrics, but each of you sent a piece of you and I love it. I never could have anticipated the emotions this project would drum up! Much gratitude is sent your way for your generosity. I am certain the Nielsons will feel your love when they receive the quilts. Here are more photos of the beautiful fabrics, I am sorry I can't include all of your sweet messages:

Thank you Colleen Cannatelli in Howell New Jersey! Unless you are like me and love the color red, you might not know what is so special about this fabric so I thought I would share Colleen's sentiments. "For weeks I have been searching for a fabric or pattern that would move me to donate. Finally here are 4 squares....These squares are made from my 43 year old Christmas Stocking. It holds so many wonderful emotions/memories. I wanted to include them for NieNie's children. Belief, Hope, Love, Magic, Innocence, Faith"

Thank you Shelby Bingham in Beaumont Texas!

Thank you Brandy Doty (my friend from high school) and her friend Mandee in St George Utah! Brandy also has a fun crafting blog at http://www.mandeeandbrandy.blogspot.com/

Thank you Vickie Willis in Sumpter Oregon!

A large package...
...with loads of cuteness for everyone!
Thank you Glenda Isaacson in Haines Oregon!

Thank you Linda Watson in Everett Washington! (If you aren't LDS, this cute print depicts the Salt Lake City LDS Temple and other images pertinent to our religion.)

Thank you Margaret Kieffer in Ambler Pennsylvania! Margaret sent 2 packages just to be able to include the monkey yoga print, love it!

Thank you Sarah Foster in Oak Park Michigan! Sarah's sentiments contributed considerably to my refreshing cry. Her capacity for embracing sentimental value is very Nie worthy! She writes: "Dear Friends, Enclosed you'll find 2 squares for each child's quilt: one is of great sentimental value to me and given with deep prayer and faith for the road ahead; the other is from a brand new charm pack I recently aquired. About the sentimental ones-the boys each have a plaid square from a shirt of my father. He is the kindest, bravest, most generous man I know and has endured numerous hardships in his life. Always with a smile, never giving up. His pieces will bring the boys both strength and endurance. The girls have squares from a very old quilt made by my great aunt when I was a child. She was a woman of deep faith and although she never had children of her own she dearly loved her neices and nephews and their children and treated them as her own. She made all of my siblings a quilt for Christmas one year and I still use mine today. The girls' squares are from one she made for a baby and was used by all of us. Her pieces will bring the girls continued faith and undying love for all God's little ones. May God's strength and comfort continue to embrace the Nielson's, their family and friends, as they learn to make their way anew in a life they have not know. Blessings to all, Sarah"

Thank you Jean Thut in Escalon California! (Can you guess what breed of dog Jean loves most?)

Thank you Michele Raven in Spanish Fork Utah!
Check out this stack of fabric...

...I was sorting and drooling...

...what do you think of the bird print...

...seriously adorable...

Thank you Kristina Wilberg in Minnesota! (Her mother in law owns a quilting store, lucky girl!)

Thank you Sarah Briese and Marty Koehn in Lee's Summit Missouri!

Thank you Aubrei Norris in Ventura California!

Thank you Mary DelaMare-Schaefer (a friend of Nie's mother) in American Fork Utah!

Thank you Holly Broadland in Vancouver BC Canada! (You have perfect handwriting!)

Thank you Sarah Kotronis in Atlanta Georgia! The fabric reminded her of the Nielson Family Ranch and of JIMMY! I think it is only appropriate to include this important member of their family, thank you Sarah for thinking of Jimmy!

Thank you Eileen Wingfield in Seattle Washington.

Thank you Carrie Page in Murray Utah! Her fabric arrived from reprodepot.com, so cute!

Thank you Alexandra Pielech in Watertown Massachusetts!

Thank you Taraka Pyper in Spokane Washington!