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Many suggestions have been made to make quilts for the Chief, Stephanie, and Christian as well. I would be happy to sew more quilts with any extra fabric I receive. If you would like to contribute to their quilts I am also going to start a collection for each of them. Thank you for supporting the Nielsons through threads of love!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jumping for joy

Tonight I feel like jumping for joy, why?
1. My babies are sleeping.
2. My toilet is clean, dishes are done, and laundry baskets are empty.
3. In 48 hours I will be somewhere in Utah, family onboard, driving late into the night to enjoy a weekend of cool, crisp fall air and a date night with my Mr. Nielson. Our first night away from our children in 5 years!
(skipping, jumping, worrying...)
4. I just admired the fabrics and love notes you sent while photographing them to give you a small glimpse of the joy that will be sewn into the quilts.
Here they are...

Thank you Katie Schultz in Kansas City Missouri!

Thank you Natalie Hansen from Woodlands Texas!
(The picture doesn't show that there is several squares of each fabric!)

Thank you Lynne S. Oliver in Charleston Illinois!
(Several more squares!)

Thank you to the Browns in Indiana!
Thank you Laura Strickland in Louisville Kentucky!
(If you've never been to Phoenix, the sky feels huge here and this is what it looks like most days!)
Thank you to Stormy Peterson in Des Moines Washington!
Thank you to Christie Carter in Salt Lake City Utah!
(Oodles of cute fabric waiting for me to make into more piles of squares!)
Thank you Gail Ostrander from Colorado Springs Colorado!
Thank you to Carolyn Kunz in Milford New Hampshire!


Katie said...

SO happy to be a part of this beautiful project! I love reading about where all of the squares are arriving from. Thank you again for doing this.

Lynne said...

I'm so happy my squares arrived and I hope that they will be helpful! This project is a FANTASTIC idea and I look forward to seeing pictures of the finished products! Thanks again for including me.

Lynne O.

cristie said...

you are a dear ... it's fun to see so many come together wanting to wrap all up with love. xox

Carolyn said...

Thrilled to help. Thank you for doing this. Good karma will most certainly come your way! ;)

Laura said...

Glad you got the fabric I sent - and yes, I've been to Phoenix - I used to live in Tucson, and visit friends in Phoenix quite a bit. The quilts are going to be beautiful!

Laurel said...

So glad that you got to have some family time, some Fall time and some romantic time. I hope all worked out well. I am still willing to help, sorry I am slow to respond. We can use my house, not large but more than 500 sq ft., or if there are more than 3 of us we could reserve a RS room at the church here, there or in between. Thanks and keep me posted. Laurel

Nicole said...

Glad to see the fabric got to you! What a beautiful idea, I am so grateful to be a part it! Keep up the amazing work!!!! Thanks for including everyone in your quest to bring smiles to the Nielsons' faces!
Love being a part of this great project!

Love, The Browns =]