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Many suggestions have been made to make quilts for the Chief, Stephanie, and Christian as well. I would be happy to sew more quilts with any extra fabric I receive. If you would like to contribute to their quilts I am also going to start a collection for each of them. Thank you for supporting the Nielsons through threads of love!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ooooh! Aaaaah!

Seriously, I made these sounds at least 10 times while opening the box of fabric from Caroline in Texas. I have rarely seen so many cute prints and she literally sent stacks of them! Check out what she sent then visit her at http://www.pinklemonadebags.com/! Nie is going to love these...many many thanks Caroline!

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Nathan and Carrie Page said...


Looks like you've received some REALLY cute fabric so far. I've ordered mine and hopefully it'll get there by your deadline...thanks again for cutting it for me! I really appreciate the opportunity you've given for so many to serve this cute family. THANK YOU.